Training for life

Training For Life Programs In Guatemala teenagers are expected to start helping the family economy as soon as they graduate from High School (if they do graduate). Having some job training is crucial! At Nuevo Reto we are always looking for opportunities on meeting this need. The purpose of the Training for life programs is to motivate the students to be self supportive and entrepreneurs, and also an opportunity to teach them how to manage the finances they get by doing woodwork, crafting or sewing.

Carpentry at Nuevo Reto’s wood shop is one of the most successful projects. Boys and girls love working on wood, staining the wood and making different wood crafts that are proudly promoted in our craft store. The Dream Giver Project was borne out of the experience we lived by donating some bunk beds to Nuevo Reto students and noticing what an impact caused in their lives. Sewing Girls are given the opportunity to learn sewing skills and are encouraged to create some crafts.

Crafting original ideas provides some income for Nuevo Reto and those involved in the making.