One of the church’s accomplishments is providing people to work as Full-time Staff and Volunteers for Nuevo Reto. Ninety percent of the people working in the ministry had given their lives to the Lord through Templo de la Gloria church.

Here some testimonies:

Margarita, is a young lady 30 years old, who came from the fields to the city escaping her abusive alcoholic husband. She already had a boy two years old who used to be fed coffee all day long. He could barely keep on his feet because of malnutrition. He could not talk either. Margarita started working as a maid in Nuevo Reto and when we learned of her situation with her husband and her child, plus being pregnant with another child; we presented Jesus to her and she came to know the Lord. As a result we ended up with a great worker and two precious children now growing under the protection of Nuevo Reto. After 8 years, Margarita loves the Lord, loves the kids in the ministry and serves the Lord with a grateful heart as key leader of the First Phase.

Hilda, a sweet sister in the Lord, mother of 4 grown kids and a lovely grandmother is a great help to Nuevo Reto. When she joined our church in 1993, she was very concerned for her health because in her family background there was an inheritance of death. Her two older brothers had died before reaching the age of 45 and other relatives of her as well. One day she asked for prayer because she was afraid of dying as she was over her 40s. We prayed for her, and this past month of January 2007 we celebrated her birthday number 55. God is good! Now she is the key leader for the Second Phase.

We give glory to the Lord who has touched the heart of people like Isabel de la Cruz, Elena, Rosy, Isabel, Nohemi and Carmen who work either full-time of part-time for Nuevo Reto.

I have to mention my wife Nidia who is the one who takes charge when I travel or get so busy with other areas of the ministry.