Pastor Jacob Castillo

Pastor Jacobo Castillo is an ordained minister born in Guatemala city on July 19, 1962. He is the second of seven kids in his family. His parents were not professionals, so he had to learn from the very beginning to live in an atmosphere of extreme poverty. Because of lack of finances, Pastor Jacobo and his other three brothers and three sisters could not attend school on a regular basis. Instead, he had to help his parents to do some elementary jobs like selling vegetables in the streets to survive. A generous lady who was one of their customers motivated them to go back to school. She paid for school fees and school supplies to help Pastor Jacobo and his older brother to go back to school. She also used to help with some used clothes and from time to time even some food. Pastor Jacobo gave his life to the Lord when he was 19 years old. He persevered in a Christian church for four years, serving in different areas as: Sunday school teacher, youth leader and as a deacon. In the meantime, he went to Bible school where he received a call from God to serve him as a full time minister.

In 1986, he started serving the Lord as a Christian counselor, Bible teacher and then Director of a program for drug addicts and alcoholics. He also conducted a radio program and evangelistic crusades to reach young people involved in drugs and alcohol and gangs as well.

Pastor Jacob was moved with compassion, as he saw the suffering of the kids living in the streets of Guatemala. In 1991, he and his small church Templo de la Gloria started Nuevo Reto, a ministry dedicated to reach some of the 5,000 kids living in the streets of Guatemala city. Pastor Jacobo Castillo is married to Nidia, a schoolteacher and they are the parents of Ada Eunice, Pablo Raúl and Nidia Esther. They are national workers with a vision to reach their own people in Guatemala with the love of Jesus.