Nuevo Reto kids School update:
Our kids and teens finished their school strong and are now enjoying their vacations! We are getting ready for our 2019 school year that will begin in January!!
Most of the kids and teens pass to their next grade, and we are so proud of them for all the effort they put into their education!

Quick update on four students:
Junior, was able to finish his school year and is now going into 4th grade! We are so proud of him and his determination to obtain an education.

Yardy, she is going into her Parvulos (K5 class) and was the honor student of her class for obtaining the highest grade out of all her classmates! She was so excited!!

Damaris, she finished her Junior year in high school and is going into Senior year! We are so proud of her for continuing her education whiles she cares for her other 3 sisters and two nieces!

Fredy, is right now of the kids that has made the most progress in learning English! It’s so exciting to see him practicing what he learn in class. Can’t wait to watch him be fluent in English!

-Our sponsorship program has been helping us provide for our students education, after school programs and also for their daily Breakfast/Lunch and sometimes dinner. We wish we could provide all their meals but our general budget is very limited, however, we do are best to support them and provide for their needs.

In 2019 we are looking forward to get more people involve in our projects since as you can imagine providing not only education support but food and covering their basic needs is expensive. Majority of our kids don’t have running water at home so they rely on us to provide running water at Nuevo Reto so they can take a shower everyday. We buy at Nuevo Reto buy trucks of water every week to have running water.

We need to raise our general monthly budget in order to cover all the needs of our kids and teens. So help us pray we can find people that to support us on a monthly basis.
Another way you can help us is by sharing the crafts we make at Nuevo Reto! They allow us to bring in income and provides our older kids with knowledge on working and management of finances.

I’m attaching some pics of the kids!

Love you all, thank you for supporting Nuevo Reto and being part of our kids and teens accomplishments during 2018!


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