Templo de la Gloria

(Temple of Glory)

Since we started in 1991, the Lord gave us the vision of becoming a very unusual church. We had it very clear in our hearts that before having a nice church building we had to put every effort to provide a nice home for the street kids. Every time we had the opportunity to pray for the church I had in my heart the assurance that the day would come when the Lord would make a way for us to have a place for worship. We committed ourselves to not even think on getting a piece of land or purchasing a building for the church without first making every effort to bless our street kids, so we committed as a church to pray, give and work very hard toward the goal of providing a home for the kids.

In 2003, the Lord moved us to give another step of faith: to donate for the church a property, a piece of land that the Lord had provided for our family to build a home. Now, a beautiful building is being built on that land, a very strategic area, surrounded by some other neighborhoods. We are still a very small congregation but with faith to grow and willingness to work. In 2006, we launched the challenge to start building the church building, and by the grace of God and the faithfulness of his people, we are about 90% of completion for a place of worship for at least 250 people. We need only $5,000.00 to reach the goal.

There are no words to explain the favor of God over our lives and the excitement we have to see the Lord’s hand working on our behalf. In 2006 the Lord blessed Glory Chapel Kids (our children’s ministry) with a beautiful piece of land were we will be building in the near future a Worship Center for the kids in the area. As a family we are so grateful to our Lord and Savior because he has been so faithful to us. All of these years have been a time to learn, an opportunity to know the Lord as our provider, our help and our protector. In 2006, the Lord also opened doors for us to move to a brand new house, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, and a very nice yard. It has been the fulfillment of the promise of God through my Pastor, Bishop Raul Gonzalez, who at the very beginning said to me: “Pastor Jacob, you build the house of the Lord and he will build you a house for you and your family”, Alleluia, Yes! It is done! God is good!


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